Product Name




Hony 101 ( 57%, 100-150nm )

Dimethiconol & TEA Dodecylbenzenesulfonate & Trideceth-10

?Improves wet and dry combing                                            ?Gives a soft feel to hair and skin                                    ?Enhances shine                                                                  ?Offers light conditioning, little accumulation                        ?Gives soft feel       

Milky white to pale yellow viscous liquid

Hony 102 ( 57%, 150-250nm )

Hony 102-D ( 57%, 600nm )

Dimethiconol & Cocamidopropyl Betaine & TEA Dodecylbenzenesulfonate & Trideceth-10

Milky white to pale yellow viscous liquid

Hony 109 ( 40%, 100-150nm )

Dimethiconol & Polysorbate 20

?Designed for skin care                                                        ?Offers super soft smooth feel                                                ?Decrease the tacky feel of formula

Milky white liquid

Hony 103 ( 65%, macro size )

Dimethicone & Cocamidopropyl Betaine &C12-15 Pareth-3 & Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

?Excellent conditioning property                                              ?Offers super smooth feel to wet and dry hair                     ?Increases dry combing and softness

Milky white paste

Hony 122 ( 35% )

Amodimethicone &
Cetrimonium chloride & Trideceth-10

?Highly substantive to damaged hair                  ?Significantly improves wet and dry combing              ?Offers colour protection                                          ?Excellent detangling                                                      ?Higher amine value bring better softness     

Milky white liquid

Hony 122-1 (30% )

Hony 2115 ( 30% )

Amodimethicone & Trideceth-7 & Trideceth-5

?Highly sbstantive to damaged hair                    ?Significantly improves wet/dry combing, smooth and adsorption   

Semi-transparent pale blue liquid

Hony 130 ( 60% )

PEG-12 dimethicone & Diethylhexyl Maleate & Amodimethicone & Capryly Methicone & Glycerin& Trideceth-10 & Polysorbate 20

?A compound conditioner for transparent shampoo ?Smooth and moisturized when rinsing                        ?Moist but not greasy                                                      ?Brings excellent softness to wet hair                          ?Makes hair light,no accumulation    

Colorless transparent liquid

Hony 117 ( 65%, 30-40μm )

Dimethicone & Cocamidopropyl Betaine & C12-15 Pareth-3 & Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

?Brings an extremely smooth experience for dry and wet hair.

Product Name




Hony DF100 (100cst)


?Good spread                                                                      ?Non-tacky emollient                                                          ?Low surface tension                                                          ?Skin lubricity

Clear colorless liquid

Hony DF350 (350cst)

Hony DF1000 (1000cst)

Hony DF30K (300,000cst)

?Low spreading qualities                                        ?Substantive conditioning/emolliency                              ?Skin lubricity

Clear colorless viscous liquid

Hony DF50K (500,000cst)

Hony D5


?Soft  and silky skin feel  ?Excellent spread quality

Colorless transparent liquid

Hony 1401

Cyclopentasiloxane & Dimethiconol

?Soft, silky skin feel                                                      ?Excellent spread of emollient                                        ?Long-lasting conditioning

Hony 193

PEG-12 Dimethicone

?Pro-foamer, O/W co-emulsifer, styling resin plasticiser      ?Cold processable                                                                        ?Wet-conditioning agent and humectant                              

Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid

Hony CM

Caprylyl Methicone

?Easy to formulate       ?Transient emollient                          ?Unique luxurious skin feel   ?Good organic compatability

Colorless transparent liquid

Hony 556

Phenyl Trimethicone

?High gloss    ?Improves spread     ?Unique soft feel

Clear to slightly hazy, colourless fluid

Hony 203

Bis-Aminopropyl Dimethicone

?Provides durable softness to hair care products ?Particular smooth verticality performance

Colorless transparent liquid

Hony 210


?Improved combability ?Colour protection ?Cuticle protection

Colorless transparent viscous liquid

Hony 211

Hony 212

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