Join Hony Booth G101 in In-cosmetics Asia 2019
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Welcome to our booth G101 in In-cosmetics Asia 2019 during November 5-7.

Our ultramicro emulsified petroleum is recommended to applicate in bodywash and facial cleanser.
Besides,our ultramicro emulsification tech and products can be applicated in facial mask,sunscreen,etc.

For facial mask and other creams/lotions,many kinds of oils/lipids can be added into facial mask and achieve a real nurishing,and all kinds of oil soluable actives can be added into facial mask and with maxmizing effects.
For suncreen products,especially for those high SPF/PA value sunscreen,by using our ultramicro emulsification tech,the greasy/tacky feeling can be decreased because we make all oil phase microsized,at the meantime,the cost can be decreased because microsized all oil phase of sunscreen are much effective. 


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